Dr Rolande App: the app to combat Malaria and HIV/AIDS in Cameroon

Our new app, Dr Rolande, helps Cameroonians in learning how to prevent Malaria by implementing the Malaria Free Zone program. Dr. Rolande also allows users to ask questions and see expert advice on Malaria and HIV/ AIDS.

Where can I find the app? The app is available for Android only and is available in Play Store in future:

Why did we decide to launch the app? Given the civil war taking place in Cameroon and the Covid 19 outbreak, lock downs have been enforced in Cameroon which prevented volunteers from reaching Malaria endangered areas and helping Cameroonians building the window screens. It is more important than ever that Cameroonians learn how to build their own window screens remotely.

Why are we focusing on Malaria and HIV-AIDs? Every day, 8,500 people die in sub-Saharan Africa due to lack of access to therapeutic drugs. For Malaria, an estimated 219 million people suffered from the disease in 2017 and about 435,000 died. More than 90 percent of the deaths were in Africa, and over 60 percent were among children under 5. HIV-AIDS is still the most common cause of death for women aged 18- 24 in Cameroon​.

Are we intending to replace professional medical advice and management? No, the information provided on this app is not intended to replace professional medical advice and management. Users are encouraged to use the services of a qualified healthcare provider regarding Malaria.

Watch the video to learn more about Malaria Free Zone:

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