Rolande R. Hodel, PhD
President, Founder

Dr. Rolande R. Hodel received the 2009 Astellas USA Foundation humanitarian award for her work as founder and president of AIDSfreeAFRICA, a non-profit organization based in New York. Born in Germany, she is a US citizen and a legal resident of Cameroon. She has worked for companies such as BASF/Germany, Nanocrystals Technology/NY, Pharmaceutical Discovery Corporation/NY (today Mannkind/CT) and Emisphere Technologies/NY. She received her Masters of Science in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Kansas in 1995 and her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the City University of New York in 2005.

Dr. Hodel serves on the board of directors of Chemists Without Borders, and is active at the local, national, and international levels within the American Chemical Society (ACS).

“I am dedicated to promoting peace through the empowerment of people in Africa to produce their own generic and essential pharmaceutical drugs.”


Maimunat Alex-Adeomi, MBBS, MBA is a healthcare professional with 12+ years experience in program management, health care service delivery, and knowledge and people management. She has worked and trained in Sub-Saharan Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States, where her key focus areas are designing, developing and integrating standardized programs, systems, and teams to promote clinical quality and improved healthcare outcomes.

In her current role as the Director of Education and Training at Operation Smile (a global surgical organization), she holds a key operational and leadership position within the organization; she is responsible for ensuring the achievement of organization-wide capacity building goals: the care of children born with cleft and other facial deformities, and education and training initiatives.


Scientist and manager with 22 years of process chemistry experience, Dr. Bay has expertise in designing and developing traditional and novel synthetic organic chemistry for the scale-up and manufacture of pharmaceuticals. He also has extensive knowledge and experience with current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMPs).

Dr. Bay is experienced in the production of antiretroviral pharmaceutical drugs.

Sr. Director of Process Chemistry

  • Mannkind Corporation, Danbury CT (since 2007)
  • Emisphere Technologies, Inc. (1998 to 2007)
  • CYTEC Industries (3/88 to 7/98)
  • Stauffer Chemical Company (9/82 to 3/88)


Sherri Hutchinson has over 20 years experience in the creative marketing, advertising and graphic design industry. Having been involved in something that started as discussing ideas over a cup of coffee to becoming a global company, she helps companies define their message, enhance their website/mobile presence, create custom social media campaigns, review analytics, and work with the tools to deliver the right message to clients through the right platform in order to watch their company grow.


Board Advisor

Shara Pantry has a Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from the University of South Florida, and currently works as a postdoctoral research associate. She has extensive laboratory experience working with human herpesviruses, HIV, and SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus). Shara is also an active member of the American Medical Writers Association and has experience in copy-editing, proofreading, and writing scientific content in various capacities.

Board Advisor

Dr. Goodman has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, specializing in Surface Science. He has twenty-five years of experience in successful commercial technology development in four different major industrial applications: water treatment, minerals beneficiation, alternative energy, and printing and graphic arts. Dr. Goodman is a surface scientist who has 15 US patents, a dozen refereed articles in print, and scores of trade presentations. He is an expert in key technology areas within the current hyped “nanotechnology” sectors.

Dr. Goodman seeks to provide senior level consulting advice on new product development: defining customer needs and wants, and directing the development of new products to meet those needs and wants.

Board Advisor

As an ACS Career Consultant, Bill Suits helps chemists with their resumes, job search strategies, and interview skills. At meetings, he introduces those in transition to key executives that can advance their careers. He also works with ChemPharma members in the same role. As an ACS meeting planning facilitator, Bill teamed up with over 200 professionals, presenting up to 10 meetings a month, often with over 1000 attendees in total per month. As a mentor, he works with the Project SEED team, who help over 100 disadvantaged HS students land summer research experiences in the lab of a professional.

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