Pharmaceutical Drug Production

Help local pharmaceutical drug production gain traction. Recruiting scientists interested in applying their expertise to managing pharmaceutical drug production, quality control, and supply chain management.
DO THIS: Donate pharmaceutical production and research equipment.

STEM / Scientific Education

Help educate the first generation of Cameroonian chemists, also known as  pharmacists in Cameroon.
DO THIS: Donate equipment for high school and university chemistry labs and computer equipment for classrooms. Contact us here to donate equipment.

Pharmaceutical Drugs & Health

Support rural clinics by finding medical personnel and volunteer doctors.  Assist with establishing revolving pharmaceutical drug funds, and shipping medical supplies in ocean containers.
DO THIS: Contact us to pick up medical equipment or if you would like information on how to ship it.

Your $35 gift provides employment and materials to install window screens for one house. The screens will prevent mosquitoes from entering the house and add protection against mosquito bites and malaria.

Volunteer to be trained to use this highly specific and accurate florescent microscope. In Cameroon inquire how your patience can benefit for the diagnosis. We can diagnose even in asymptomatic people so they can get treatment without getting sick.

A Conversation with Dr. Rolande Hodel
Founder and President of AIDSfreeAFRICA!

Join us for a special talk for students seeking careers in STEM, nonprofits, public service, international relations, and politics.

Tuesday, November 10, 4-5p.m. CT.  Virtual Event – Register on Handshake!

Dr. Hodel will share her experiences navigating various obstacles and situations including being a woman in a STEM field, an immigrant from Germany, and having a blue-collar family upbringing.

She will discuss AIDSfreeAFRICA, a nonprofit organization she founded after
seeing an opportunity to apply a career in pharmaceuticals into an international context. Learn about the barriers she encountered, how she gained support, and what she envisions as the future of the organization.

This presentation will carry powerful lessons abot creating goals, following your passions, and developing the legacy you want to leave upon the world.

Download flyer here!


AIDSfreeAFRICA announces our first 10 session PODCAST series!

AIDSfreeAFRICA is excited to announce our ten-episode podcast, beginning with the first episode:

The Village of Essu, Cameroon, Africa
Dr. Hodel shares her introduction and love of Essu, Cameroon, Africa. She tells of how this gentleman named Pollycup dragged her out to a village of 30,000 people and started his own hospital. Even though the story has a tragic ending, Dr Hodel and AIDSfreeAFRICA is still committed as ever to the people of Cameroon…

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Please recycle your hospital bed by donating it to AIDSfreeAFRICA.

AIDSfreeAFRICA’s collaborating doctors in Cameroon are asking for hospital beds, wheelchairs, adult and baby diapers, and crutches.  Your donation will make it so much better for sick children. Thank you.

Contact us today to recycle your hospital bed and supplies.

OR: If in need please request these items. We pay a lot for shipping the donations, thus we have to raise funds to do so. One way is to help people here at home to help us do our mission in Cameroon.

We can pick up or deliver within 50 miles of Ossining, NY.

We will pick your hospital beds up for free if you live within 50 miles or 1 1/2 hours from Ossining, NY 10562.


Since the civil war forced AIDSfreeAFRICA to move into her new office in Yaoundé we succeeded two ways: A generous donation of Betsi’s retirement collection is being used to partially pay English speaking students school fees.

Also, a large donation of high school math books and a desktop computer and four monitors was given to benefit all students in this bilingual high school.

Secondly, a 40 ft ocean container full of our donors gifts was successfully shipped and arrived in Yaoundé. Dr. Hodel defied common advice not to go to the port. Rather she managed to get this container for half the cost than previous containers. The amount of bribery and falsifying receipts in the Cameroon port is staggering. However, the culprits are mainly the hired clearing agents and managers and to a lesser degree the port personnel in our experience.

Never mind that, we succeeded to use a large part of the donations to help mostly women to establish or expand their small homebased businesses. This is very important in a country where married women are the property of their husband. A money making occupation gives women some leverage to carve out a place where they have some say.

THINGS TO DO: Donate money to pay school fees. Donate money to pay a young persons school or professional exam. If a Cameroon’s youth manages to pay school fees and studies, the high fees for taking the final exam are over the top and unattainable. All the years in school seem wasted since the final degree is not affordable.

Donate useful items. See here for a list of items we are seeking.

Hilbert Kamo is no longer with AIDSfreeAFRICA. We had to fire him when it became clear that for the past four month (Feb to May 2019) he neglected all of our programs in favor to use his position to register and promote his own non-profit NGO. I thank Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, MD, from St. Louis University and Dr. Anyangwe, MY, from the Alpha Royal Clinic, and three other people for their advanced warning concerning Mr. Kamo’s character. Because of these warnings we kept Mr. Kamo on a short leash. Once we had evidence we proceeded agains him and his kid brother. Since he refused me access to AIDSfreeAFRICA’s office we got a court order and entered the premise with the help of the local Gendarmerie.

Mr. Kamo comes across as calm and competent. He is an observant person, which he uses mostly to his personal advantage. He is extremely deceiving and lies about just everything. To quote Dr. Ngwanyam: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM. DO NOT HIRE HIM.

Contact Dr. Hodel anytime if you want more information.